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Casting  Applications
Trophy Creation and Objects of Art
Hans Christensen Sterling Silversmith's Award
Thomas M. Sandretto, Inc.


     We're glad you stopped here for a preview of our shop and work.   We look forward to helping your family or organization celebrate in the creation of a truly memorable and unique perpetual sterling silver work of art.  Our work glows with classic individuality and will shine a light of distinction on your celebration.

    On your visit you can view our current and past work, we can tell you about our company, describe the services we offer and provide you with a virtual tour of our workshop.

In The Recent Past         2006 American Eagle and Globe.    Tears And Salt.    Thirteen States.


Current Projects               View current projects.

Professional Associations 

button.gif (843 bytes)   Society of American Silversmiths - Supporting Member

button.gif (843 bytes)     Society of North American Goldsmiths - Pro Member - 1975

Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America - Guild Member  Manufacturing Jewers and Silversmiths of America



    Mr. Sandretto has worked exclusively in the jewelry, silversmithing and precious metals industry for 36 years.  As a student of Hans Christensen and Albert Paley at the Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Craftsmen, in the early 1970, Mr. Sandretto studied with the masters.  He has acquired a scientific metallurgical background based on industry experience and study.  Though our workshop is considered a "studio", we have full factory production capacity.  We have cast tens of thousands of kilos of sterling silver in addition to various karat golds, bronze and brass.  Through 36 years we have assisted all sorts of clients:  museums, world-renowned retailers, event planners, established designers, new designers, prestigious gold and silversmiths, medical component systems designers, industrial designers, private collectors and even people who just have a "good idea". 

Design Assistance      Your concept may have been born mature and ready for production, but sometimes it can be improved with a small technical, historic or aesthetic adjustment based on our experience.  We can suggest ways to make your prestigious gift, award or perpetual trophy idea thrilling, inspirational, memorable and specific to your situation. 

Shop Tour      Enjoy a virtual tour of our facility by selecting the following hyperlinks.  Discover why so many amateur precious metals casters in the industry are plagued with sludge in their vacuum pump.  Drop in on casting day and look over Tom's shoulder while he removes a mold from the burn out furnace, loads it into a low pressure casting chamber and examine a tray of cast trees.  Or if your time permits let us take you on an extended Shop Tour.

      Our location in an industrial park near Pittsburgh, PA (USA) gives us access to the area's historic metal-casting literature and tradition along with the latest Department of Defense, Excellence in Metalworking program innovations in Johnstown, PA.  If these services are what you need to assist your event, contact us by phone, e-mail or drop by for a visit.  Let us put our technical knowledge and industry experience at your service.


Contact Information

Electronic mail
Customer Support:       Natalie@gold-silver-casting.com
          General Information:     Tom@gold-silver-casting.com


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